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My name is Kayle and I’m a 24 year old disabled writer and advocate living in Connecticut. I received my bachelor’s degree in 2018 in Media Studies, and my master’s degree in 2021 in Disability Studies. I am just wrapping up a service year in Public Allies, an Americorps apprenticeship-stype program, I will be joining Disability Rights Connecticut in August 2021.

I write largely about my experiences with disability and identity. I utilize disability theory in my everyday life to help understand my own experiences – and sharing these thought processes can be quite cathartic!

I do offer disability consultations and trainings, and am always open to talking with journalists looking for a disability perspective.

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Some posts…

A different kind of fatigue.

Over a year into the COVID19 pandemic, I still notice the recurring theme of people discussing pandemic fatigue and about wanting life to be normal again. I think it goes without saying that everybody would appreciate it if life did go back to normal. But the focus on “normalcy” ignores the reality that millions of…