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Kayle is 25 years old and lives in Waterbury, Connecticut. In 2018, she received her bachelor’s degree in Media, Society, and the Arts from SUNY Purchase, and in 2020 her master’s degree in Disability Studies from CUNY School of Professional Studies. Kayle has lived with chronic illness her entire life, only adding to the list of diagnoses as time went on. In 2016, she filed an ADA lawsuit against her undergraduate school for lack of accessibility. After graduate school, Kayle completed a service year at Public Allies Connecticut. She then joined Disability Rights Connecticut as an advocate and legal assistant.

Kayle enjoys utilizing her experience in media studies and disability studies to think and write about her own lived experience with disability.

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A different kind of fatigue.

Over a year into the COVID19 pandemic, I still notice the recurring theme of people discussing pandemic fatigue and about wanting life to be normal again. I think it goes without saying that everybody would appreciate it if life did go back to normal. But the focus on “normalcy” ignores the reality that millions of…